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Spread the word. Help make Post-Capitalism become the norm on investments and profits. And most importantly, show the way by implementing its principles yourself, here and now.

Current Projects:

We are setting up a social enterprise in the housing sector in Bristol UK, whereby tenants will get a share of their rent back, enabling them to become homeowners in just a few years of renting.

We are looking for specialists in the following areas:

  • Social Media & Communications: to drive the campaign to all corners of the UK and beyond, widening our media exposure and increasing our members' base.
  • Crowdfunding & Fundraising: to create and lead the campaign that will raise funds to buy properties in the open market.
  • Graphic & Digital Design: to create easy-to-understand animations, shorts, videos, drawings to populate the website and illustrate the campaign.
  • App Development: to create an app that will allow investors and tenants to track their assets in the properties we put on the market.

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Housing crisis: is there a way out?
22 Jan 2022

Housing crisis: is there a way out?

Let’s face it, the housing system is lame. The current model is increasing inequalities in our society at an alarming rate, with one in three private tenant locked in poverty. If we want to afford tenants the stability and safety they aspire to, they must be able to secure a roof over their head and improve their financial situation in the long term.

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